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Are you looking for scholarship or grant or fellowship to study in the Netherlands, make sure you check out our section Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships. This section lists undergraduate and postgraduate (bachelor, master, PhD) grants for foreign/international students. So if you are looking for a student scholarship, you are advised to check out our Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships section.

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  1. simbarashe kaudani says

    Hello i am Simba,i have been offered a place to study a masters in tourism destination management by NhTv breda university, anyone please help with a scholarship or funding. I really like to fullfill my dream of studying in Europe. I hold a B Tec hons in hospitality and tourism.

  2. Baka Rashid says

    Am am Ugandan currently pursuing a bachelors degree in social work and social administration at kyambogo university I would like to attain a scholarship in your country because it has been my dream .thank so much

  3. Alie Tua Lappia Amara says

    I have done my first course as a community health officer in sierra Leone, and I want to pursue my course as a medical doctor in Nettherland, so I am ask
    ing for help intermediate of scholarship in Netherlands.
    I will be very greatful if this my humble request is granted and I am enlighten as to what are the criteria.

  4. karungi afusah says

    Am a student at kyambogo university uganda persuading a bachelors degree in chemical engineering.
    I thank God am inline with ma dream but i need a scholarship to do ma masters in Netherlands because I have wanted this all my lifetime. ..please I need this scholarship

  5. Namutebi patricia says

    Hello, am Namutebi Patricia. Am a Ugandan and i have finished my secondary. I want to do medicine because it has always been my dream to be a doctor. I wish to get a scholarship so that i can have that part of my dream come true.

  6. alasana says

    hello i am alasana bah am from the gambia i am a graduate student am studying nursing in gambia i started this year an i am an orphan am from poor background i pay the fee but am still left with some blance an i need help an i am having the recite i can send it to you people seen is the bliveness an an will like to have the schorlarship

  7. igbigbi ejaife says

    Hi,I have a dream of becoming a computer engeneer so I wish to get the scholarship so I can pursue my dream.

  8. selamybzah says

    Hi i am an Eritrean , public administration graduate and from the beginning my dream was to become a lawyer. Unfortunately I studied public Adm for the first degree and I want to continue my MA in law and the payment becomes high.Can I get these chance in Holland?

  9. Zubeda Mohamed says

    I have a dream to become a Medical Doctor so I wish to get the scholarship so that I can get a chance to study at any university that teach Medicine.

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